Articles - The Flatcoated Retriever
Articles about Flatcoated Retrievers and matters of interest with regards to the breed

Choosing A Flatcoat for your Family - Aspects to consider when choosing a Flatcoated Retriever as the dog for your family.

Is the Flatcoated Retriever Right for You? - Some insights as to help decide if the Flatcoated Retriever is the right dog for your family.

The Flat versus the Rest - Article by Chiara Berzacola - A comparison of the Flatcoated Retriever in training, obedience, retrieving and hunting.

The Twentieth Century Dog (Sporting) - The Retrievers by Herbert Compton (1904) with special article by Mr Harding Cox's ideal Flat-coated Retriever

Dogs and All about Them - The Retrievers by Robert Leighton (1909)

Notes on the Flat-coated Retriever - Article by Mr Read Fowlers (1971), providing insight in the development of the breed, its character and also making mention of a Golden Flat-coated Retriever.

The Flatcoated Retriever - Type and Function - Article by Mr Edward J. Atkins on the development of the Flatcoated Retriever it's type and function.

Joan Marsden and the Tarncourt Flatcoats - Article by Ingemar Borelius Joan Marsden relating on the breeding, training and handling of Flatcoats

The "Forever" Adolescent Flat-coat - Article by Sally J. Terroux on the Flatcoat character and temperament.

Livining with A Flat-Coated Retriever - Article by Neal Goodmin President of the Flatcoated Retriever Society of America.