Articles - Health
Articles related to any health concern that may affect Flatcoats

Bloat - Article by Lucia Casini (2012) - A very informative article dealing with gastric dilation-volvulus (GDV) otherwise known as bloat.

Breed Predisposition to Cancer - Article by Jane M Dobson (2013) - Publication of a study conducted at the Veterinary department of the University of Cambridge.

Genetics Selection Evolution - Researc by Pieter A Oliehoek, Piter Bijma and Anna van der Meijden (2009) - The reseach focused on the incidence where a closed population with high levels of genetic drift suffer from reduction of genetic diversity.

Cancer and Nutrition in Dogs - Article by Patty Fellows written for the Italian Retriever Club Magazine, dealing with the relationship between cancer and nutrition in dogs.

If he Eats Well, he'll Work Better - Article by Dr Lucia Casini - The importance of correct diet for working performance

Parvovirus - Article by Dr's Foster & Smith - Serious Diarrhea in Puppies and Dogs, symptoms, treatment and preventing Parvovirus contamination