Articles - The Yellow Flatcoated Retriever
Articles about and/or that makes reference to Yellow Flatcoated Retrievers

Early Ancestors of Golden Retrievers - Article by Mrs Mark D. Elliot The history of the Golden Retriever, as found on the Golden Retriever Cub of America Website, with reference to Yellow Flatcoats and of particular interest a quote on page two.

Colour Bars - Article by Ms Jemima Harrison (2012) - A very informative article by Pedigree Dogs Exposed Blogger Jemima Harrison on the accepted colours and colour bars encompassed within Dog Breed Standards. Mention is made of Yellow Flatcoats, origin of the gene and its place within the breed.

Notes on the Flat-coated Retriever - Article by Mr Read Fowlers (1971), providing insight in the development of the breed, its character and also making mention of a Golden Flat-coated Retriever.

Yellow Flatcoats - Article by Mr Read Fowler (1992), written in response to the debate on whether the FCR Society of the UK should accept the Yellow Flatcoat in the Breed Standard.

The Twentieth Century Dog (Sporting) - The Retrievers by Herbert Compton (1904) with special article by Mr Harding Cox's ideal Flat-coated Retriever making special mention of Yellow Flatcoats.

Harding Cox on Flatcoats - An interesting article about Mr Harding Cox and the state of the FCR 1925 by blog writer Retrieverman (2010), with reference to Mr Cox's mention and view on Yellow Flatcoats.

Yellow Flatcoated Retrievers - Article by Ms Jane Laing and Ms Di Holman (2012), written in a response to the Yellow Puppies born to our Prince and Princess litter.

Flatcoat History and Cancer - Another Side of the Story - Letter by Mr Mike Holman (2015), offering an alternative view re the history of Yellow Flatcoats and the status and relevance of cancer in the breed.