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16 -22 July 2022 - HHKC & CGC Retriever Trials

The girls participated in the Hottentots Holland Kennel Club and Cape Gundog Club Retriever Trials over the past weekends. They worked well, but did not manage to complete all the stakes entered. However, our Delft was one of the 10 dogs out of 23 entries, who did manage to complete the HHKC Maiden Stake. She was awarded a Certificate of Merit and SAHR points!! I am so proud of this little girl, flying the Flatcoat Flag to the end. Unfortunately our Hannah went into season, and had to sit out her first trials!

Delft - HHKC Maiden Stake Certificate of Merit
Esther CGC(Br)

18 June 2022 - Esther KUSA CGC Bronze

Our beautiful angel Esther made me so proud, by passing her KUSA CGC Bronze evaluation. She was absolutely magnificent, and did not put a foot wrong. Bravo to this precious little girl!!!!

Esther - Zimzala NightStar Angel of Antares CGC(Br)
Esther CGC(Br)

17 June 2022 - Junior Merit Title

It is official, KUSA has awarded our Hannah Blohm her Junior Merit title. So proud of this beautiful girl!!!!

Hannah Blohm - Zimzala Gem of Chrysolite Green JM (DMA) CGC(Si)
Hannah JM

10 -12 June 2022 - Oudtshoorn Breed Shows

Our two youngsters, Hannah Blohm and Esther, and I took to the road, and traveled to Oudtshoorn to attend the annual Championship Breed Shows!!

We enjoyed a lovely weekend with friends and the girls were awarded the following:
Outeniqua Kennel Club #1
Hannah Blohm - CC, BJOB#1 and BOB#2
Esther - BBPOB#1 and BBPOG#1
Outeniqua Kennel Club #2
Hannah Blohm - CC, BJOB#1, BOB#2 and BJIG#1
Esther - BBPOB#1 and BBPOG#1
George Kennel Club #1
Hannah Blohm - CC, BJOB#1, BOB#2 and BJIG#1
Esther - BBPOB#1 and BBPOG#1
George Kennel Club #2
Hannah Blohm - CC, BJOB#1 and BJIG#3

Hannah now also qualifies for her Junior Merit Title. Awaiting KUSA confirmation, our Hannah Blohm will now have the suffix JM added to her registered name - Zimzala Gem of Chrysolite Green JM (DMA) CGC(Si).

Hannah Blohm - Zimzala Gem of Chrysolite Green JM (DMA) CGC(Si)
HannahHannah JM

21 May 2022 - Hannah Blohm awarded her DMA

Hannah Blohm - Zimzala's Gem of Chrysolite Green CGC(Si) participated in the Western Province Rottweiler Club's Dog Mentality Assessment Test. She really handled herself very well and was awarded her DMA certificate!!

Hannah Blohm DMA
Hannah DMA

28 April 2022 -Socialising Esther

Our little girl Esther - Zimzala NightStar Angel of Anatres is growing up soooo fast. She just turned 5 months and have completed her first Puppy Socialisation courses the first with Rose Humphreys at Rose's Puppy School and also her Puppy Start Right Preschool here at Zimzala with instructor, Nina Joubert. She really is a little super star!!

Esther Puppy Socialisation Courses
Puppy Class
Puppy Class

15 - 18 April 2022 - Malmesbury Easter Shows

Over the Easter weekend our girls participated in the Swartland and West Coast Kennel Club Championship Breed Shows in Malmesbury. Fun was had by all and this is our results:

Swartland Kennel Club 1
  • Esther - BBPOB#1 & BBPOG#1
  • Hannah - BPOB#1, BOB#2 & BPOG#1
  • Delft - BChOB#2

  • Swartland Kennel Club 2
  • Esther - BBPOB#1 & BBPOG#1
  • Hannah - BPOB#1 & BPOG#3
  • Delft - BChOB#2 & BOB#2

  • West Coast Kennel Club FCI
  • Esther - MPOB#1 & MPOG#1 (Grading Very Promising)
  • Hannah - BJOB#1 & BOB#2 & BJIG#3 (Grading Excellent)
  • Delft - BChOB#2 & Reserve CACIB (Grading Excellent)

  • West Coast Kennel Club
  • Esther - BBPOB#1 & BBPOG#1 & BPIS#2
  • Hannah - BPOB#1, BOB#2 & BPOG#3
  • Delft - BChOB#2

  • Esther Reserve Best Baby Puppy in Show
    Esther Reserve BBPIS
    Show Girls

    9 April 2022 - Canine Good Citizen Silver!

    Our beautiful gitl Hannah Blohm participated in the KUSA Canine Good Citizen Test, and was awarded her CGC Silver Certificate. She was such a star, and did not put a foot wrong!!

    Hannah Blohm - Zimzala Gem of Chrysolite Green CGC(Si)!!!
    Hannah Blohm

    31 January 2022 - Day 49 - 7 Weeks Old!

    Our puppies are 7 weeks old (day 49) which means it is time for their temperament tests!! I am so honoured that Mr Chris Pretorius again agreed to do the Volhard Puppy Personality Assessment with our puppies. He has now assessed just under 3200 puppies over the years. He gave such wonderful feedback! I am so incredibly thrilled and gratefull!! While discussing that I now have the difficult decision of whom to keep, he very kindly said, "You can't go wrong, there is not one bad puppy in this litter!"

    You can view the puppy reports HERE

    24 January 2022 - 6 Weeks Old!

    We have received the results of the Embark DNA Traits & Genetic Health tests. I am thrilled that the all tested negative for all the known genetic health markers!! Also all certified 100% Flatcoat :) - not that we doubted that, but good to have that certified too ;) I am so happy that we decided to have the tests done, it really makes for fascinating reading.
    You can view the puppy reports HERE

    The Angels

    12 January 2022 - 4 Weeks Old!

    We are now 4 weeks old, and to celebrate the occasion, our first little conformation "stack".

    The Boys
    Th Girls

    11 January 2022 - Goodbye to precious souls!

    It is with a very heavy heart that I share the loss, Zimzala puppy owners had to say goodbye to their precious over past months, all babies from our Prince and Princess litter. Our thoughts and prayers are with,

  • Deidre and her family who lost Dakota - Zimzala Princess Bride, the day after her 9th birthday, 9 September 2021
  • Tim, Catherine and family who had to say goodbye to Padme - Zimzala Petit Princess on 2 December 2021
  • Nerina and Mike who said goodbye to Leia - Int Ch Gr Ch Zimzala Dream Princess FQ APT(Ex) CGC(Go) on 18 December 2021
  • Hanneli, Willem and family who unexpectedly lost their Pippa - Zimzala Princess Pea

  • Fly free beautiful girls. You will be dearly missed, and it was my honour and greatest pleasure to know you as sweet little puppies, and I am so grateful for the joy and love you shared over the past 9 years with your families.

    Dakota Padme
    Leia Pippa

    13 December 2021 - Hello World!! And 8 it is!!!

    Monday morning at 2:20 am, Phoebe gave birth to her first little pup. Red girl, our first born weighed in at 415g. Nearly 3 hours later we welcomed puppy number 8, Brown girl, who was born at 5:15 am, also weighing 415g!! We were blessed with 4 little girls and 4 little boys!! Follow their next 9 weeks of their lives on our Night Sky Litter Page - HERE

    And 8 it is!!!
    Phoebe Pups

    7 December 2021 - Phoebe & Eric Babies

    I decided remove any unnecessary stress on our expected birthday, by at least having a very good idea of how many puppies we are expecting!! Have some fun and join the headcount!!

    Day 53 Xray - how many puppies do you see?
    Phoebe Pups

    28 November 2021 - Flatcoated Retriever Get-together

    On Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful morning with fellow Flatcoat lovers. 12 Flatcoats attended and everyone had great fun. The dogs played, the owners talked and we even had a small gundog demonstration, and those who were so inclined retrieved a dummy or two!! View the Photo Gallery - HERE

    Our most treasured guests - Maia (10y10m), Jasper & Indy (7y10m), Piper (7y), Phoebe, Pink and Lucy-Rose (6y7m), Delft (5y2m), Rogan (2y7m), Gryphon and Tao (15m) and our Hannah Blohm (7m).

    FCR Get Together 28 November 2021

    19 November 2021 - Thandi - Zimzala African Beauty

    It is with great sadness that we received the news, Thandi precious angel, gained her wings. Our hearts are with her family, who loved her so well for 13 years!!

    Fly free beautiful girl and thank you for all the love and joy you shared in your time on earth.

    Thandi - Zimzala African Beauty - 18 Aug 2008 to 19 Nov 2021

    6 & 7 November 2021 - Jura in Minor Puppy Class

    Our girl Jura - (Zimzala Gem of Purple Amathyst) and Megan participated in their first breed shows this past weekend. At the Western Gauteng Kennel Club she was awarded her first CC, BMP#1, BP#1 and BPIG#4 by judge Renier Janse van Vuuren. At the Orion Kennel Club Jackie Jackson awarded her 2nd CC, BMP#1, BP#1 and BPIG#4. Well done Megan and Jura!! We hope this was the first of many!!

    Jura the Show Girl :)

    5 November 2021 - We are EXPECTING!!!

    It is confirmed that our Phoebe girl is with pup!! Dr Rachel Shuttleworth could see about 6 puppies when she performed the ultrasound. The expected due date is around 12 December 2021. We are sooooo looking forward to welcoming these little black beauties to the world!!

    You can follow the litters progression here - View Litter Page

    Eric & Phoebe
    Eric & Phoebe

    24 October 2021 - Hannah Blohm in Minor Puppy Class

    As our Hannah Blohm turned 6 months old on the 22nd of October, she now stepped up from being a Babby Puppy (4-6m) to being a Minor Puppy (6-9m) in the breed show ring. We participated in the Western Province & Hottentots Holland Kennel Club Breed Shows, presented over the past weekend. Again, our little girl was as good as gold. Taking everything in her stride, much better behaved in the ring (though her handler can do bit more towards keeping it fun ;). In both shows she was awarded Bitch Challenge Certificate, Best Minor Puppy of Breed#1 and Best Puppy in Group#3. She is a lovely girl and I am really looking forward to our journey ahead!!

    Hannah Blohm - CC, BMPOB#1 & BPIG#3
    Hannah Blohm

    14 to 16 October 2021 - Hannah Blohm, First Breed Shows

    Hannah Baby Puppy Monster Blohm attended her first Breed Shows over the past weekend. She had some "good" moments, numerous "fun" moments and did bring home some beautiful rosettes. Outside the ring she was an absolute super star!! Confidently taking everything happening in her stride.

    Hannah Blohm - BBPIS#3, BBPIG#3 & BBPIG#3
    Hannah Blohm

    14 October 2021 - Planned Night Sky Litter

    We are very excited and happy to announce that we went ahead with our planned litter for Phoebe - Ch Zimzala I'm Your Angel FQ CGC(Go) NTD to Eric - Multi Ch Flatterhaft The Music of the Night. Dr Rachel Shuttleworth did AI with our girl, using frozen semen. Now hoping for positive results in 3 weeks time. Keeping all our fingers and toes crossed that our Phoebe is expecting!!

    Eric & Phoebe
    Eric & Phoebe

    3 October 2021 - Gundog Day

    Hannah attended her first gundog training event with Golden Retrievers South Africa. She had an absolute ball and actually retrieved and delivered some items to hand!!

    Hannah at Golden Retriever Gundog Training

    2 October 2021 - KUSA CGC TEST

    Our Hannah Blohm participated in the KUSA CGC Bronze test, evaluated by KUSA judge Mari Ellis. Our clever girl passed her test and was awarded her KUSA Canine Good Citizen Bronze certificate! Awesome achievement at only 5 months of age.

    Hannah - KUSA CGC Bronze Certificate

    18 - 25 September 2021 - CFTC & KA Retriever Trials

    The girls, Phoebe and Delft, participated in the Cape Field Trial Club and Kennel Association Retriever Trials. During the Cape Field Trial Club Maiden Stake Delft was awarded the Angel's Cup for the Best Flatcoated Retriever on the day. There were 3 Flatcoats competing. She and Phoebe worked all the way to the 4th series. Only 12 of 25 dogs made it this far. In the KA Maiden stake Delft fell out during the 2nd series, as she failed to find her pigeon, whilst Phoebe made it to the last series. They both had great fun, and as always it was good exposure and a lot of experience gained.

    Delft - Awarded the Angel's Cup
    Best Flatcoated Retriever in the KA Maiden Stake

    15 September 2021 - Puppy Start Right Preschool

    Hannah (Zimzala Gem of Chrysolite Green) and sister Shadow (Zimzala Gem of Scarlet Jasper) attended Zimzala K9 Training's 9-week, Puppy Start Right Preschool Course. Both girls did so well, and was awarded their PSR Certificate of Achievement.

    Hannah & Amanda with Shadow & Robert

    20 August 2021 - Rose's Puppy School

    Hannah completed her first puppy socialisation course at Rose's Puppy School. She had great fun, loved meeting new friends, and enjoyed all the exciting activities.

    Hannah at Rose's Puppy School

    29 May 2021 - CFTC Limit Test

    Phoebe participated in the Cape Field Trial Club Limit Test (set at Maiden Stake level). The test was run on live game. 13 dogs entered, and only 3 finished the day. Our beautiful girl was awarded 1st Place and Gun's Choice. She did not put a foot wrong all day!! View all details on the Zimzala Results Page

    Phoebe - 1st Place & Gun's Choice!!
    Ch ZimzalaI'm Your Angel FQ CGC(Go)

    24 May 2021 - Planned Litter

    We are extremely happy to announce our planned litter for Summer 2021. View all details on the Litters Page

    22 April 2021 - Hello World!!! - Gemstone Litter

    On Thursday 22 April 2021 Delft gave birth to 4 precious little black girls!! Her first puppy arrived at 17h17 and the last at 18h41. She made it all seem so easy. No issues nod fuss, delivering and cleaning each pup as they arrived. Our girls weighed in at 390, 400, 445 and 465 grams. Our Treasure Chest holds four precious puppies with collar colours Red, Green, Orange and Purple. View all details on the Gemstone Litter Page

    Delft, and babaies - Hello world!!
    Ch Featherstone's Nightbird's Song of Zimzala FQ (DMA) CGC(Go)

    18 April 2021 - Three days to go!!! - Gemstone Litter

    Our girl is doing well and looking really fit and healthy. Those puppies are really doing their stretches, kicking and clawing in preparation to enter our world!! View all details on the Gemstone Litter Page

    Delft, 3 days to go!!
    Ch Featherstone's Nightbird's Song of Zimzala FQ (DMA) CGC(Go)

    8 April 2021 - Happy Birthday - Love Song Litter

    Happy birthday to our beautiful Love Song Litter. I can't believe where the time has gone!! You are 6 Years old today!! Phoebe sends many many Flatcoat kisses to Amy, Balou, Lucy-Rose, Nebraska, Pink, Radley, Sabi, Tulip, and always in our hearts, Zeus who left this world too soon!

    Phoebe - Ch Zimzala I'm Your Angel FQ CGC(Go) NTD

    17 March 2021 - We are Expecting!!

    I am sooooo incredibly happy to announce that we are again EXPECTING!!! Dr Rachel Shuttleworth confirmed via sonar this morning that our Delft is carrying at least 5 puppies, possible more!! I am over the moon, and feel so incredibly blessed!!

    View the details on the Gemstone Litter Page and follow the weekly updates on the Litter Pregnancy Progression page.

    23 February 2021 - SAVA Eye Certificate

    The Girls went for their SAVA eye tests today and was given an ALL CLEAR!!! So happy and grateful.
    Delft - Featherstone's Nightbird's Song of Zimzala FQ (DMA) CGC(Go) - see certificate
    Phoebe - Zimzala I'm Your Angel FQ CGC(Go) NTD - see certificate

    Delft & Phoebe SAVA eye clearance

    6 December 2020 - Zimzala Invitational Field Test

    We hosted our Zimzala Invitational Retriever Field Test. The Zimzala girls absolutely loved the day out and the opportunity to work, by the looks of it, the other competing dogs had fun too!! We offered two levels, Maiden and Novice, and had 14 dogs participating.

    In the Maiden stake, only one dog/handler team managed to successfully complete the 1st series and finish the day. It was Amanda de Wet and Flatcoated Retriever, Delft - Ch Featherstone's Nightbird's Song of Zimzala (DMA) FQ CGC(Go). Delft was awarded 1st Place in the Maiden Stake. She worked so well delivering all 7 pick-ups beautifully to hand ♥ Gun's Choice for Maiden went to Cornelia Naude and her liver Flatcoated Retriever, Rogan - Casblaidd's Chip of Cornau. In the Novice stake, two dogs made it to the final series. Amanda de Wet and Flatcoated Retriever, Phoebe - Ch Zimzala I'm Your Angel FQ CGC(Go) fell out on the final pick up. Sue Lain and her Golden Retriever Hannah did not put a foot wrong and finished the day with Hannah being awarded 1st Place and Gun's Choice in the Novice Stake! Well done!!

    Thank you to Ampie and Alda for making your beautiful farm in Botriver available as our venue!! To our judges, gun, throwers, and FTM - Kobus, Heather, Lisa, Dewald, Norbert, Prince, Pinky & Thulani - thank you so so much for your time offered so kindly and your always positive & willing to support attitude. The wonderful challenges set for our dogs (and their handlers) and the smooth execution of the whole day was just a pleasure to be part of. To all our competitors who participated - THANK YOU! Everyone's contribution made this most enjoyable day possible.

    Zimzala Invitational - 6 December 2020
    Zimzala Invitational Dec 2020

    20 September 2020 - Cape Field Trial Club - Canvas Dummy Test

    The Girls and I had a very enjoyable day out at the CFTC Canvas Dummy Test. Suffice to say, Delft had fun. Phoebe on the other hand seems to have had some fun and manage to get some work done too. To my absolute surprise and huge delight she was awarded a Certificate of Merit (COM) for her efforts. Thank you to the club committee for all their work and special friends for your wonderful company.

    CFTC Canvas Dummy Tests - Phoebe COM
    Phoebe COM

    20 March 2020 - Novice Trick Dog Tirle

    I am extremely proud of my yellow boy Legolas, who was awarded his Novice Trick Dog Title by "Do More With Your Dog".

    Legolas - Zimzala Prince of Elves APT CGC(Go) NTD
    Legolas NTD

    13 March 2020 - Novice Trick Dog Tirle

    I am extremely proud of my beautiful girl Phoebe, who was awarded her Novice Trick Dog Title by "Do More With Your Dog".

    Phoebe - Ch Zimzala I'm Your Angel FQ CGC(Go) NTD
    Phoebe NTD

    The Zimzala Gang - January 2020
    Zimzala Gang - January 2020

    The Zimzala Gang - August 2015
    Zimzala Gang - August 2015

    The Zimzala Gang - December 2011
    Zimzala Gang - December 2011

    (Amanda de Wet - Zimzala Flatcoated Retrievers)